Spare lists are posted at the Club under each League schedule. You’re encouraged to take a photo of the list for future reference.


All spares must be paid members of the Club (including payment of Curling Canada and CurlBC fees – see below for the link to purchase a membership). If you are a fully paid up member of a regular league, you can spare in any league at no additional cost. If you are NOT a member of a league, you can spare during the season for $12 per game payable before playing.

Spares can play any position the individual is replacing or lower; however, cannot bump regular players to lower positions. Each team will be responsible for obtaining their spares. The same spare may only curl for the same team in three (3) consecutive games. A team requiring spares cannot have more spares than regular registered team members. A team with three or more spares will forfeit the win but the teams are encouraged to play the game.

To purchase a membership, click here and follow the instructions. Welcome!